BLOG#2: Finding Pan

Oh my, It’s been a while. Took me ages to think of a topic to write about. Should it be video, photography or life as a freelancer? At this time none of it gives me enough inspiration to write about it. Don’t get me wrong I love all three of them and I love doing it full time now. What really got me thinking though was that going freelance also meant making my passion my job. It’s great, yes, but there is always the fear of falling into habits and 'trying to make a living out of it'. Money suddenly plays a big role in this whole new ball game. So, how do I stay motivated? 

Well, to be quite honest I did fall into a state of 'Oh shit, I need to make money, otherwise i'm screwed, so I better do any job I can get'. While it's not a bad thing trying out everything that's coming your way and that's making you money, it also keeps you from doing what you really want. And the question "what do you really want?" is a difficult one.

So, today I had a conversation with my sister and she told me how unhappy she was in her job. I told her, leave then. But its not as easy as that. Nowadays we are bound by the restrictions society sets for us. You have to have a job, make money, build your CV, cater for your future bla bla bla. The easiest way out is often an office job but it's often also the easiest way to get stuck and forget about 'what you really wanted'. Exactly where I was and where my sister is right now.

While she sat on the toilet shedding a tear we remembered one of our favourite kids stories and movies. HOOK! Played by the legendary Robin Williams, Peter Pan must return to Neverland to reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy, HOOK, when he kidnaps his children.

If you are a fan you know this scene. Yeh, great scene... Right!

If you are a fan you know this scene. Yeh, great scene... Right!

What this movie really is about though is that Peter forgot what is important in life. He put his work over his family. He had to find his inner child, his happy place, to realise that.

The conversation with my sister really got me inspired to find my inner child again. If you think about it as a child we are the purest version of ourselves. We dream and imagine with no limits. Why can't we do that as adults anymore? Well we can, it's our choice to do that or not.

It's our choice wether we want to follow the norms of the society and become some kind of foot soldier or whether we want to follow our hearts, our inner child, and become the best version of ourselves.

When we are old we won't regret what we did but what we didn't do. One of the most inspirational talks below by Prince Ea.


So I say we better start living now. Easier said then done, I know. Nobody says it has to happen from zero to a hundred. Baby steps. Start with finding YOUR Pan. Remember what you really wanted as a child.

This is me as a little boy. No worries always dreaming to be THE next Karate Tiger! Yes, we grow up and things change but thats what it's all about. Live the journey, never stop dreaming and imagining, remember your inner child and find YOUR Pan.


So yeh, thanks little sis for giving me inspiration to find MY Pan.

BLOG#2 Over and out


Tobi Meneses