BLOG#1: It's all about the Process

Wow, so this is my first blog post. I have been meaning to get this up and running for a while but I couldn't think of what to write about - My journey to becoming a filmmaker? Surviving as a freelancer? A 30-shots-a-day challenge? All things I am still probably going to write about but for now it's all about the creative process.

So, yesterday my good friend Ben and me decided to experiment with photography a little bit. He had been asking me for a while to get some nice headshot of him and now we finally got around doing that. I never felt very confident about photography as I am more of a filmmaker but this session made me realise that you gotta just do it and learn along the way. So, we got the camera out, put up some lights, opened a can of beer, pumped up and got wet... well he did... wait for it, you'll understand.

Idea was to shoot one specific facial expression that would convey a certain emotion. The emotion we settled for was anger/rage. One thing that popped into our minds was the famous scene of the Wolverine jumping out the water in X-men 2.

Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine in X-men 2 - What an animal

Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine in X-men 2 - What an animal

Not an easy one. Now, here is what we tried. First we had to get ben in the mood. Solution = Beer! So, we tried a few shots and got this.


Nope. That's just... No! That shirt needs to go. Oh and lights. never underestimate the power of lighting, it's everything. So, shirt off and lights on.


Better! still too neat though. still too... hmm... DRY! WATER! Here we go pumping up and getting wet. Also meet our little companion Pumba.


And here is how it looks like now. Interesting right. getting there. remember it's all about the process. so far so good.

Getting that moment of rage and pushing the shutter in the right moment was a challenge. First I had issues getting the focus right having the camera on a tripod. So, I changed that very quickly to handheld. This way getting the focus right was much easier as I was able to move with him. And then it was about capturing the right moment. Well, we got him to do some push ups... well loads of push ups... wow the amount of push ups... anyway... and then stand up and scream into the camera. And then it was down to me to get the moment right. We figured out that the best moment was usually the one when he almost ran out of breath, that last moment when he almost looked like a tomato. Here it is. 


Much better! But still it doesn't quite feel right. I decided to change the lens, a slightly longer lens, to change the feel of the image a bit. Well, it didn't change it a bit, it actually changed it a lot. Check this out.


No way, what a difference! That's exactly what went through our minds. Just changing the lens gave the image a completely different feel and this is where the game changed for us. We got super hyped, started experimenting more with the light, moving it back and forth and also using the natural window light and of course continued to pump up... yes, more push ups... and get wet. And finally I got a shot I was really happy with.


The colour, the contrast in light, the textures on his body, his facial expression, the water. this photo gave me a feel of anger and rage. Mission accomplished!

I loved working with Ben on this because we creatively collaborated and figured out what we needed to do to get the shot together. It's all about the Process!

BLOG#1: Over and Out

Yeh, sorry still here. Just wanted to share a few more photos we took on this shoot. here are my top 5 picks. Hope you enjoyed this story and hopefully there is going to be lots more to come. Stay tuned!


and of course...


If you made it this far thanks so much for reading all the way. It means a lot and I appreciate it a lot.

Over and out!

The End... #2... this time for real! The End!

Tobi Meneses