It's the lust to create

Rafa Peinador, a talented fashion jewelry designer allows us into his atelier and and opens up to us about passion, inspiration and his lust to create.

Communicate to dance through music

As part of the behind the scenes documentary series of C A R A V A N we dive into the characters behind the performers of C A R A V A N SocialNight and C A R A V A N Immersive. Listen to Josh Davies talk about his experience communicating to dance through music.

Freedom... Just freedom...

As we finish the second part of the so well received social night we dive into deeper grounds to get a glimpse of Chris Reyes' perception of freedom and purpose.

Empowering, Liberating, Raw.

This is a documentary trailer for Chris Reyes' social night, C A R A V A N. A night where artists from different backgrounds come together to share their crafts with the community. A night full of Jazz, dance, live music, socialising and sharing.

This documentary takes a look behind the scenes and tells the story of the people, the process and the identity of C A R A V A N.